3 Common Steps to follow after completing any Facebook Campaign

Do you want to engage people who has liked your facebook post?

Are you sure your fans on the post liked your page?

We have published 3 to-do-steps as you complete your facebook ads campaign.

3 Steps to follow after completing Facebook Campaign

Today, millions of businesses use Facebook advertising to reach new audiences. Facebook has made us (marketers) easy to connect with over one billion people. We've run several campaigns for our clienteles through this platform.

We face one question on a regular basis; What happens when our facebook campaign completes? To maximize the marketing ROI (Return On Investment) we need to spend few hours reporting on the insights, comments, likes and re-shares. It is important from client's perspective.

For every dollar you spend on marketing, spend a quarter on analytics. If not, you won't know what works.

Christopher Penn

Here's one experiment we always perform as soon as advertising on Facebook completes. You should try this too:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook, go to your page and expand the number of likes. See picture below.

Vairab Interactive Facebook Post Expand

Step 2: You will notice a light box screen that displays all the people that liked on your post. It allows you to manually "invite" people and like your page. See picture below.

Facebook Post invite-Vairab Ineteractive

Fact Check: Facebook allowed us to invite all 645 fans who engaged in the post. 43% of them responded.

Additionally, you can "message" people engaged on comments. See picture below.

Facebook Ads comments-Vairab Ineteractive

It is ideal to message (in a delightful way) who are interested to buy product or services.

You can repeat this strategy to grow your fans.